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Re: post up pics of your "computing area"

I will dive deeper into more pics of way more gear, especially more DOS/Win95 gaming stuff I have. Don't want to overload the server so I will post the rest with tiny pic of something. Long time lurker (years!) It's great to finally have the courage to say hi to all of you. PS I have way more …

Re: Novell suggestion: upgrade your PC speaker

in Marvin \ Sound
same, i still only had a pc speaker as late as 1996 iirc... if only I knew what my first sound card even was later on... but Monkey Island and the like on an old pc speaker is just very nostalgic to me :3 on my current test setup I put an empy plastic shell over the speaker which nicely amplifies …

Re: Kids destroying computer hardware

in Milliways
kids? lol... you should see my office colleagues pens and pencils are their favorite pointing devices on monitors... (need to touch it firmly to be able to show something obviously) ...if they want to be gentle they just touch them with their greasy fingers ^^ I once got a big present for myself by …

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
I'm going to get really petty here. Why do all our expansion cards have to be upside down? With ISA they were upside right - back when most cases were horizontal and it didn't matter. When PCI was introduced, they flipped the cards over so they could have 1 "shared" slot position, where 2 slots …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

My retro rig is actually a retro rack that consists of 4 systems. Built to be easily accessible and movable since I don't have much space for retro hardware. Every system is connected to a KVM switch and audio mixer inside the rack. I love it ^^ similar to what I want to do, only I want to also …

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