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Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

Also, My SB card doesn't produce sound after all, even though it goes through a complete sbemu initialization with qemm, probably due to the lack of support for the ICH7 chipset, so I'll take it out and just use the onboard card, which produces really great sound. FWIW, it's not related to the ICH7 …

Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

I tried SBEMU for the first time today, on my PC with Intel 945G @ICH7 and two cards, onboard Realtek AC97 (ALC882) and Creative SB 128 PCI CT4810 (5580). Interestingly, sbemu recognizes SB card as an Ensoniq ES1373, even though the card has the markings I listed above. The Realtek onboard card …

Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

Ah that's great to hear that the Linux code is there as a reference! I have copied this information to the issue I opened on the SBEMU git repo: https://github.com/crazii/SBEMU/issues/16 OK, you might want to add a bit more information to the issue, lspci -nn shows the PCI IDs in addition to the …

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