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Re: 486 Tower Build!

Was extremely busy when I got home, but I was determined to get the LED display set up and run a benchmark last night, so these photos were all taken at about 3am this morning, right before I went to bed/woke up for work, haha. First power on after hooking up the LED display. I guess this case was …

Re: 486 Tower Build!

I really like the style of the case, but it feels a little flimsy in terms of the construction. There's a lot of flex when it is being moved around, especially now that it's loaded down with drives. The caddy is only held in place by the three pictured screws as well, so if I have the tower on its …

486 Tower Build!

So I'm finishing up my first "from-scratch" 486 build (as in, starting from an empty case and a mobo, instead of just upgrading/restoring a prebuilt unit) or at least it's as finished up as any good PC ever is, haha. We'll start with photos - apologies for the size of these, as well as for the poor …

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