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Re: AU8830 chipset questions

Hi Reezo, I guess this is not how A3D works. It is not just s spartializer to convert any audio source into a wider stereo field /pseudo surround like SRS WOW, Sensaura etc.. A3D needs direct implementation/support from the game because A3D uses the 3D world model data of the game to compute a dozen …

Re: Diamond Monster MX 200 vs 300

If you already own the MX200, stay with it. There aren't many games that support or took advantage of the A3D 2.0 vs. 1.0. And the Mx200 can do A3D 1.0 very well. Also, with AU8830 (Vortex 2) cards it is the same with 3DFX cards - they are very expensive, not to say overpriced, imo. So for Win 9x …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

My DVI/VGA capture setup I'm very satisfied with: Kramer Scaler 724XL that scales different resolutions and refresh rate to 1280*720 60hz. Dual VGA output. One goes to a monitor and the other one via generic vga2hdmi adapter and HDMI cable to my Matrox mxo2 max h264 capture box. This also captures …

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