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Sil3114 raid controller

I recently ordered one "new" from ebay. I have trouble installing drivers on it. Cant seem to find any windows 98 drivers that work. The windows 98 drivers just don't install. It recognizes and installs some other drivers I have, which are for 2000/xp, but they obviously don't work. I tried flashing …

Re: GeForce2 Ultra with unclean VGA output

Here are a two high-res images of the card. I see no visual defects but please tell me if y'all see something I'm missing :blush: http://teehill.adirondackpc.com/PublicFiles/nVidiaCard1.jpg http://teehill.adirondackpc.com/PublicFiles/nVidiaCard2.jpg Does the dvi output work fine? You could try …

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