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Compaq video upgrade problem.

Hi, any one else tried a Nvidia mx440 in a Compaq Evo d500 intel 845 chip set? Tried upgrading to to the mx440 from tnt2 32mb, but it'll not boot to bios, tried resetting the bios, when switching back to the tnt2 all fine. The mx440 is the Dell low profile card agp x8, but should be backward …

Re: Wyse V10l dual DVI query?

it has a separate card for the second (primary) output, on board becomes secondary, (not supported by win98, memory issue) my other one only has one out put that splits by the cable. data for the card is pretty much no existent i'll give pclist a try over the weekend, if it's better than the onboard …

Wyse V10l dual DVI query?

Hi, Can I pick some brains, I've acquired a unused Wyse V10l with dual monitor out put, can't find any spec for the secondary video card, don't think it's the same as the on board video, connects as a daughter board over the main board, has a heat sink over it so can't see the chip. Win98 didn't …

Re: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing on a T5710

in Windows
Got it about playable on the t5710, generic 3d with nothing selected, With the Mercedes truck racing benchmark results HP T5710, 512mb 4gb DOM SSD, ati 7000 gpu @ 800 X 600 32bit 21fps on benchmark Same settings Wyse V10l 512mb 4gb DOM SSD, VIA Chrome pro Gpu @ 800 X 600 32bit 30fps on benchmark

Re: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing on a T5710

in Windows
Tried on Wyse VX0 800Mhzb win98SE, benchmark runs 28Fps, menus garbage. tried on HP T730 with GT730 windows 7 Embedded 64bit Menus fine but get sky, dashboard numbers but nothing else, Benchmark test failed, Pictures to follow on the t730, I tried the 3dfx graphic settings on the game with a glide …

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