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Mystery "Aureal Vortex 3" Based Sound Card

So I acquired this chesp looking pci sound card, and the IC says "Aureal vortex 3", the model is "AU8850" and the date code of the IC is the 36th week of 1999. The card also has a realtek ALC650 and the date code of the pcb is the 43th week of 2010. It's 99.99999999% not a vortex 3 because iirc it …

AWE64 Value CT4520 Missing Cap

Hi there! I've got a partially working creative awe64 value CT4520 (no GM) and after some inspection of the card it seems that there's a broken cap near the bottom left of the ram chip (C7). Can someone with an identical card measure its value for me? Thanks in advance!

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