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Re: Volume reduction on Roland LAPC-I

Hey! Ok, so you just need a SysEx file, which I can send you, and you also need a program which can send SysEx. Are you on a vintage setup or a modern PC? That would be very nice. Thanks a lot! I have a simple DOS midi player (DOSMID). I would prefer a simple DOS tool, like this midiplayer, so I …

Volume reduction on Roland LAPC-I

Hi, i have a Roland LAPC which plays the Midi files and Midi tracks in Games very loud (unpleasant loud on Headphones) and with some distortion at this level. With a Windows Midiplayer i can reduce the Midi volume to a pleasant value and the distortion is gone. Is there an option to reduce the …

Re: German theme 486 computer.

Graphics Card: Elsa / Spea / Miro Sound Card: Terratec / Miro / Spea RAM: Siemens Housing: Escom / Vobis (Highscreen) / Peacock / Nixdorf CPU: no german CPU, but would take AMD because their Fab in Dresden in late 199x Board: i only know Nixdorf and Siemens for 486, but they had no standard AT …

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