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Re: Has anyone tried ArcaOS for retro gaming?

They are certainly unapologetic with this policy. Shame there's no demo. Disclaimer ArcaOS may not install or run on all systems, and Arca Noae makes no claim that it does. If you are unsure as to the suitability of your hardware for ArcaOS, please review this wiki page or contact us. There is no …

Re: IBM Music Feature Card/Yamaha FB-01

I'm not sure they even came with software. Back in the day most people would be controlling them with hardware keyboards / sequencers, and controlling settings via the front panel. If you were working with a PC you'd probably be driving it with Voyetra Sequencer. The only period patch editor I've …

Re: 7MB Windows 98 Installation!

Love this madness. I like the thought that you could add just enough components back in to create a single-function OS. Like, as a MIDI jukebox or some sort of industrial control. If you were feeling sassy you could upload your build to archive.org 😉

Re: IBM Music Feature Card/Yamaha FB-01

Sounded better than the Adlib cards and some of the Sierra games I've bought from GOG.com work with it as well. I also installed the FB01 driver on there to see how it works since some of the games require MIDI channel 1 to be the main one. I got the real unit today as well and that works with it, …

Re: New DOS Glide / VGA / VESA game in 2021: Dzzee

Looks cool, but a few issues here. System is a Pentium 200 (non MMX) with an ARK2000 video card and a Voodoo 1, running DOS 6.22. Running DZZEEDOS.EXE, the only mode that words on my card is mode 1 (13h / VGA 256). Unfortunately this is a little too slow to be playable on my system. Tried UniVBE to …

Re: Graphics card for Pentium III 1ghz

I don't have the computer with me yet, partly due to interstate travel restriction. This is Gateway flexatxstc so it might not have agp slot. Only PCI and it is sff/low profile. I guess my options are limited if I want to upgrade the graphics. Then I think you want a low profile fx5200 PCI they …

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