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Re: Best way to create ISO+OGG images?

pantercat wrote on 2020-10-23, 18:40: Well done! :D […] Show full quote Well done! 😁 Since you have asked, I would say Consider implementing things when you actually need them. Keep it simple. 😉 Unfortunately I keep running into them, and that complicates things. Thanks for the support 😁

Re: CUE sheet troubles :/

Well I think I sorted all my problems with the CUE sheet, so I automated it: BIN/CUE to ISO/CUE converter v1.07, supports : FLAC,MP3,OGG,OPUS (script) That index recalculation wasn't that hard in retrospect 😁

Re: CUE sheet troubles :/

You might assume so since it's lossless, but like all codecs it still has a minimum framesize so if the total number of samples is not an exact multiple of that amount, padding gets added. The actual number of samples contained in the final block is stored in the FLAC headers but unfortunately not …

Re: CUE sheet troubles :/

jmarsh wrote on 2020-10-21, 09:16: It's one of several reasons why using individual files for each track is a bad idea, better off just sticking with a mixed-mode .iso. How would that work with OGG/FLAC/MP3 ?

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