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Re: Matrix in Dos 3.30

Jo22 wrote on 2020-09-21, 15:19: JudgeMonroe wrote on 2020-09-21, 14:54: Jo22 wrote on 2020-09-21, 03:09: PC-DOS 3.30 was cool, though. So small, so quick. And not from Microsoft. I got bad news for you. ? It's from Microsoft.

Re: EMM386 - What am I doing wrong here?

You need more UMBs and fewer loaded drivers. EMS consumes a 64K page frame in upper memory, which wipes out an entire segment into which you would otherwise load modules, and there aren't that many segments to go around. You don't need SETVER or DISPLAY. If Arena doesn't run from a CD then you don't …

Re: Difficult games to get working

What makes those games difficult to get working? A plain list of game names doesn't mean much to me. What's interesting about them? In my experience, games that push the envelope at the time of their release are the toughest to get working. Ultima VII: Had a requirement of both high free memory but …

Re: Is there any way to use all the space on a hard drive larger than 2gb on MS-DOS 6.22?

Do partitions always need to be separate drive letters? The answer to this is "yes and no". Initially, a partition or logical drive needs to be assigned to a drive letter and formatted before it can be used. This is always true for DOS. After that, though, you can use the JOIN.EXE utility (on the …

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