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Re: CT4670 & CT4830 in DOS

So, I get, from first hand (you), tthat one should not do anything within pure DOS to configure the card. Games would just sound when loaded without any previous command, right? That's right. If everything is correctly installed, you should have sound in pure DOS by simply clicking Start > Shutdown …

Re: CT4670 & CT4830 in DOS

Phil's video is based on my guide: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=74361 There shouldn't be anything special that you need to do to get the card working in pure DOS if you follow all the steps correctly. Assuming there isn't a hardware issue or a resource conflict of course. Note that …

Re: CT4670 & CT4830 in DOS

Live! cards are often incompatible with Via Apollo chipsets, at the PCI level. Try an actual Audigy2 with Audigy1 drivers. Thank you! I have changed irq setting on the SB16 emulation device (device manager) to 7 because irq5 seems to be used by the Via chipset for some purpose. I´ve heard about the …

CT4670 & CT4830 in DOS

Hello again. Lately a Soyo SY-6VCA arrived to me. Nice performing board (Apollo 133A) by the way, despite having a couple of bulging caps. Paired with a PIII 600EB, PC133 256MB CL2 and a ATI Rage 128 Pro, everything works very snappy under W98SE, period correct games too. My troubles began when I …

Re: dogs in video games

- Chip n´ Dale for the N.E.S (dogs as enemies) - Wonder Dog for the SegaCD (as main character) - Not sure right now, but I believe Blues Brothers for IBM compatible PC, has some dogs in it too

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