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Re: dogs in video games

- Chip n´ Dale for the N.E.S (dogs as enemies) - Wonder Dog for the SegaCD (as main character) - Not sure right now, but I believe Blues Brothers for IBM compatible PC, has some dogs in it too

Re: english, the planetary language

English is the "Tower of babble". People love other languages and traditions. Why travel the world is everyone is the same ? This is why the USA is so divides and confused ? Why have many languages and fonts on a computer if everyone is the same ? Why don't all computers look the same ? USA will …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

- Recently saw a CRT monitor working and I realized I don´t miss them, at 60hz I could clearly see the screen refresh (causing a bit of dizziness). - I feel lazy when it comes to configuring sound in DOS, if it gets troublesome I quit. - Never finished Doom nor Duke Nukem 3D

Re: english, the planetary language

Yeps we use the š ž almost never, those are only mainly for foreign words, and we even unofficially omit them sometimes. But yes we have 4 vocals that we use sometimes äüöõ. And the only letter that is only in our language, is õ. In reality we could merge ö and õ and nothing really will happen. And …

Re: english, the planetary language

well Norwegian and Swedish and Danish sound similar but Dutch sounds like more of mixture of German and English with a little Scandinavian mixed in there. Talking about Chinese and Russian, we should start all using latin alphabet for starters. Some countries have transitioned by the way. Turkey …

Re: english, the planetary language

Not long along, French was the Diplomacy language. My elder brothers, who attented high school in the 80s, were still taught French as a second language, not English. It was in the 90s when learning English became more and more convenient and encouraged (...) to non-natives. I like English and I …

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