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Re: Easy mod to add a soundcard into a small thin client like the HP T5710 (beta test)

Thanks to Prez for the driver pack which included the IDE patch that Phil's doesn't which was giving me a real headache. I can confirm this mostly works for the T5000 (with the PCI ATI Rage XL GPU). I found: The model I have does not have a PS2 port, only USB. This is a problem for the "U98seusb.exe …

VM appliance for EtherDFS server

Hello Largely for my own amuesment, I've created a VM virtual 'appliance' that runs the server for EtherDFS with 'just enough OS' - hopefully this may make it easier for those who are not Linux/Unix people to try out EtherDFS. IMHO once it's working it's an awesome solution and I'm surprised there …

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