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Re: Paying $10 for Glidos

My opinion: Paul can charge what he wants for Glidos as it is his work. I have not (yet) made the purchase, but the demo shows me it is far more stable and easy to use than the other Glide wrappers I've tried. The reason I'm replying is this: you say that it is the old games and not the graphics …

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II cutscenes run choppy

in Windows
Hey guys, I'm running Windows ME with a GeForce 4 Ti 4800 and 256MB RAM. I'm having trouble with the video cutscenes in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. They'll play fine for a few seconds, then get choppy. Other games with full video (Westwood RTS games for example) play without a problem. Otherwise, …

Re: Shadow Warrior 3dfx?

Maybe slightly off topic, but I've found that I prefer the old "2.5d' FPS games to be more fun WITHOUT hardware acceleration. It started with the Outlaws D3D patch. I noticed that since the game was sprite based and the textures low-res, the game just wasn't as fun with the fancy new effects. The …

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