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Re: How does DVI resolution switching work?

kolderman wrote on 2020-04-10, 23:19: Have you tried a different cable? Or is it built in to the monitor? Is it a dual-link DVI-D cable? I've only tried single link because that's all I had laying around. Could it be the cable if I have the same cable working with no drivers/other gpu?

How does DVI resolution switching work?

I'm currently facing an issue where running low-res dos programs in Windows 98 confuses my monitor which thinks the signal is out of range. I can convince the monitor that everything is fine by alt+tab'ing away from the program and back into it then everything runs fine. Sometimes even opening a …

Re: Tails Pentium 4 Windows 98

Ended up going down to an 80GB HDD, I'll save the 250 for an XP build. Also the GPU is now a 6600. If I start missing the Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures I'll switch back to the FX. Filename 20191111_174443.jpg File size 199.73 KiB Views 720 views Filename 20191111_173708.jpg File size 487.44 …

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