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Re: DOS Zeliard vs Sega Teradrive PC control problem

in DOS
Apologies for the super necro, but not many places on the net talk about this problem and I'm going through Zeliard these days and I've encountered finicky gamepad detection as well. I've discovered a good routine to make things work. Hardware: IBM Valuepoint DX2/66 Creative SB16 CT-2940 with a …

Re: games that are better on a Macintosh

My entry for this thread is Archon, which I played on a Mac Plus back in the day. The higher res graphics and bleeding edge fast twitch animations made it superior to the C64 version my cousins had and I assumed others. Those unicorns and Basilisks man, deadly things of wonder. It used to not be …

Re: MT32 Tracker

in MT-32 General
I'm trying this out today and should release a new track in the next few days, a kind of transcription from a piece written in Studio Session (1986) for the Macintosh. I needed quarter note triplets, which wasn't too hard to accomplish by laying out my eights notes in a larger space and increasing …

How likely am I to miss the SC-55?

in Marvin \ Sound
A few weeks ago, I got a Roland MT-32 to go with my 486. Still awaiting for a midi db15 adapter to cross the Atlantic from Serdashop to Canada, but so far it works great under a modern Windows with dosbox. I also won a Japan Yahoo Auctions for a SC 88ST (not the pro version) and looking forward to …

Re: Primer on PC audio?

in Marvin \ Sound
Once the sound is recorded, is it not just a series of 0's and 1's? I guess Im not sure I fully understand why the sound would not just be the sound regardless of using a sound canvas or your built in motherboard audio chip. I guess I understand why you would need a certain hardware synth to CREATE …

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