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Re: Collecting rants

the Voodoo 5 cards. If someone really wants to play Quake 3 on a v5 in 2020... That's kinda like wanting to get a Ferrari just so they can drive it to the local grocery store when basically any 4 person motorized cookie can would suffice :P Excellent comparison ! I dropped Voodoo at 2 because the …

Re: Collecting rants

I think many of you are correct in that there are some junkers/recyclers that have had a huge impact on the steep recent rise in prices though even on Ebay you can still find great bargains as "cyclone3d" has said: you have to be patient ! specially in the US (where prices are typically double to …

Re: Collecting rants

Almost all vintage/retro stuff has skyrocketed lately. Wrings hands at large stash.... I should be able to retire... heh. LOL sort of true ! I had my sister and brother in law over last weekend, he asked me why I was working on old stuff.... Showed him a few old parts and asked him to check ebay. …

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