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Re: agp graphics cards benchmarks

in Marvin \ Video
thanks for the feedback guys I will use the 9800xl agp in a windows 98 build based on a pentium 4 system I am also considering building another win98 gaming rig with a late pentium 4 and a radeon x600 pci express card

agp graphics cards benchmarks

in Marvin \ Video
I wonder if there are benchmark numbers for old AGP cards I found out my medion retro pc will run windows 98 se but now I want to find out how my agp graphic cards compare I have quite a few but I will list the ones I have identified, testet and have at the ready in order to discover which would be …

Re: no more iMac Pro

in Milliways
I have my early 2006 iMac with a 32 bit core2 cpu and it still works fine however I think the mac mini m1 could be the future (of mac)

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
Hey, I just logged after awhile to share all fixes for the classic Star Trek and Star Wars games. Only after seeing this thread, I wonder if I should make a new thread with a list of Star Trek/Star Wars games or should I just post everything in here as single posts? Hi, I have posted fixes for Star …

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