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Longshot: Asus P2L97 owners (or other LX board owners), does the original install CD provide Intel Chipset Drivers?

Installation CD I mounted the image, but I don't see anything obviously related to the Intel 440LX AGPset driver in the folders. Can anyone confirm if setup.exe somehow installs these drivers? Alternatively, if any other LX board owner (Abit LX6, AOpen AX6L, Chaintech 6LTM, Epox KP6-LA , Shuttle …

Re: Collecting rants

oh I've seen plenty of that, also people who keep increasing the price with every relisting of an item that doesn't sell in general... I have no idea what kind of reverse psychology move they're trying to pull off but it's not working on me x3 If you really wanted that $100 and somebody offered you …

Re: Collecting rants

I didn't see this one mentioned yet: Sellers who raise prices after receiving offers. Yes, by using your Make Offer button, I've shown interest in your item. However, I've also demonstrated that I'm not willing to buy it for the asking price. Why, then, would I pay even more? I'm not talking about …

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