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Re: Are we opening sealed copies of old games?

in Milliways
I have nearly 300 big box PC games (going to downsize a hefty portion that I don't really play soon), and I am extremely anal about everything regarding them. Anything that came with the box a long time ago, including shrinkwrap, price stickers, ancient printed supplements, receipts all stay in the …

Re: YOUR favorate game era.

in Milliways
By far, the best era for DOS/Windows games was 1993-2006 in terms of quality. I have tons of physical DOS games from before then and from the 1980s that are good, but pre-1990 DOS games (except maybe Stunts, Test Drive, etc.) aren't as playable. Though regarding Amiga, pretty much all Amiga games …

Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

in Milliways
Only mistake was a couple years ago. I was trying to restore a Fujitsu Lifebook C352 that I had that would not boot to a prompt at all despite multiple efforts and multiple repairs. Was taking it apart and I got to the small cable connecting the fan to the mobo, yanked it out too hard and it broke …

Re: Your least used complete vintage system

in Milliways
I bought a machine with a Voodoo3 in it a couple years ago, unfortunately for now I do not have enough room or time to set it up due to being in college/living in a dorm, but I will play the crap out of it once I got an actual place set up and once I stop being nomadic

Re: what will you do when your last hardware fails?

in Milliways
I am a purist when it comes to getting parts for my old systems, but in a last ditch effort, I would simply just buy new parts to replace them. A lot of people are starting to make new parts for old systems nowadays, especially stuff for Amiga/early DOS

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