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Re: What game are you playing now?

Started playing the original Alone in the Dark with my son a few days ago. Despite its age, it's incredibly atmospheric of course (I have fond memories of playing AITD3 on CD). And it still managed to creep my son out who had trouble watching 🤣. Score 1 for old games.

Re: Avengers Endgame - what say you?

Satisfying conclusion. Much better than a lot of other conclusions and continuations of stories going on lately. I don't get how Captain America got to use Thor's hammer. Isn't Thor supposed to be the only person (technically god) who can use it? Whoever is worthy may wield the hammer. In Avengers 2 …

Re: Favourite version of Windows?

What I did wasn't near that invasive or complicated. I just right-clicked the taskbar-->Cortana and selected "hidden" and removed the search bar from the taskbar itself too. You can still search for local apps by opening the Start menu and just typing, just like Win7. It doesn't search online it …

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