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Re: Would you be interested in an x86-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi, optimized for retro gaming?

Doornkaat wrote on Today, 09:15: Some variant of this thread pops up every now and then: Yeah exactly, "I'm going to build a new 3dfx card / socket xyz motherboard / etc", while the projects that actually go somewhere are often one or more people working in quiet and then announcing the project …

Re: Acceptable 3d accelerator for Pentium MMX era.

Note that in the thread I linked it's concluded that 3dfx cards have drivers that are much more optimized for slow hardware than nvidia, so a card that would be faster on a P3 might be slower on your machine. I have no idea how true that might or might not be for the Matrox or S3 cards you mention, …

Re: Acceptable 3d accelerator for Pentium MMX era.

I agree with the poster above, get a basic nvidia card, as long as it's PCI. On such an old machine you'll want to use older drivers, see https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=74598, so get something that works with relatively old drivers. One issue you might run into is that while those games …

Re: PCem killed off

in PC Emulation
I am seriously impressed that some of these projects have lasted as long as they have. Same. My experience is that once a project reaches a certain state, maintaining it gets more and more like actual work. Chasing down problems with certain users' hardware, which you don't have access to. New …

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