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Re: CD audio based Win 9x games stuttering

in Windows
I can see two possible issues. One is that playing CD audio from an image will have a much higher CPU cost than playing it from CD, which is free. What are your system specs? Another possible issue is the fact that your hard drive is busy playing the CD audio, leading to stutters when it needs to …

Re: Using MT32-Pi with a ESS Audiodrive 1686F isa card.

You could use EITHER a cable from your gameport to a standalone MT32-PI, OR buy a version that plugs directly into your sound card's wavetable header (Serdashop mt32 mccake). If you go the external route, you need something like this https://www.serdashop.com/DB15MIDI and a standard MIDI cable or …

Re: Non -authentic SB card for 286

If you want broad support for older sound standards, yet mono is good enough, look into an Aztech AZTSSPT0592-U01 based card, as that supports Covox and Disney Sound Source. However, it doesn't offer an MPU401 interface, but neither do the old sound blasters. If you just want something that sounds …

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