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Re: Stadia shutting down

in Milliways
Never used streaming services. It even further takes away the illusion of actually owning the software I bought (no data files to tinker with on device I own).

Re: Doom 3 Performance & Quality Issues

in Windows
Not sure where else to ask, but I've always wondered Why do automatic weapons (smg, chaingun, plasma rifle) in the game fire like this: TaTaTaTaTa! TaTaTaTaTa! Ta! TaTa! Ta! TaTaTaTaTa! instead of TaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTa! Anything to do with the tickrate?

Re: ebay enters the ashbin of history

in Milliways
Motherf**kers cancelled me for being a customer in specific country under current situation. Thought I'd just use different payment method (friend's PayPal, which will work), but I can't even update my shipping (and even registration) address (even to different country!) unless they consider it's no …

Mspaint alternatives (Win32/Win64)?

in Milliways
Hi. I always used old pbrush/mspaint (win95-XP version). I even it copied to system32 and called it "mspnt.exe" so I could quick-launch it using "Run...". New mspaint from Win7 onwards is glitchy/poorly written (bad hotspot pixel location in cursors, flickering text box which is not really …

Re: Non reference voodoo3 card 3000 or 3500?

masterdeejay wrote on 2022-05-21, 11:53: All broken off and damaged smd-s are replaced via professional service. But it is worse now. <...> What can i do? […] Show full quote All broken off and damaged smd-s are replaced via professional service. But it is worse now. <...> What can i do? I'd return …

Re: Sierra games on windows 2000 pro.

in Windows
Another OS. Windows 2000 isn't DOS-based, and uses NTVDM (NT Virtual DOS Machine) to run DOS applications. It's not possible to get actual sound card working in this environment, because it's basically connected to real PC, not to that Virtual DOS Machine, limiting you to whatever virtual hardware ( …


in Windows
Geez, I thought someone died. Turns out some ancient DRM won't work?That's good news to me so far. Also for some reason when GPT/uEFI was invented, people didn't really miss opportunity to use older Windows properly anymore. That'd be more "terrible news".

i3(Haswell or similar) nettop for running old games

in Windows
Thinking of getting a device similar to this: https://www.gigabyte.com/Mini-PcBarebone/GB-BXi7H-4500-rev-10/sp#sp to connect to TV and play some old games on Win10 (Steam/GOG) using wireless keyboard/mouse. Has anyone got any experience in using one of these for older games? Think NOLF, Starcraft, …

Re: What do you regret throwing out?

in Milliways
OEM Windows 95 installation CD and certificate of authencity (with serial) that came with Compaq Presario 5528 computer. I still own some other CDs from the box, and they work despite having visible scratches. Acer mini-tower PC with OEM Slot 1 motherboard, 600 MHz Pentium III processor and …

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