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Re: Dual (SLI) Voodoo2 1000 worth it?

TSG wrote on Yesterday, 06:02: I don't know. Speedsys and the BIOS pick them up, but DOS and Win 98 Setup can't find them. Try using a smaller hard drive. In some cases, motherboards from that era are limited to supporting 32 GB disks or even smaller. This can usually be solved by updating the BIOS …

Re: PCI video cards: finding my happy place

As mentioned earlier, the image quality of S3 Trio/Virge cards varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. After using some no-name versions of both, I recently got a Hercules Terminator 64/Video which is absolutely superb. Image quality is excellent, and it can deliver refresh rates up to 120 Hz …

Re: Having Some Trouble With DOS Games

JoelD wrote on 2021-09-18, 01:00: I'm maybe even thinking of going Win 95 this time around Win95 is a solid choice for a Socket 7 system. I use it on my Pentium MMX rig, mostly for nostalgic reasons. You might want to check out this thread: Windows 95 setup guide for the 2020's

Re: What game are you playing now?

It's not a big world but it's packed with interest - amazing stuff considering when it was released. Beats the pants off Morrowind IMO 😁 Back in the day, I remember playing Morrowind for the first time and thinking how lifeless its world felt. Of course, this was shortly after I had finished Gothic …

Re: Having Some Trouble With DOS Games

Should I go with 185xw95.zip or 189xw98.zip for windows 98? I had downloaded 189xw98.zip but if 185xw95.zip works better for any reason I can throw that in the folder instead. If I'm remembering correctly, the 185xw95.zip archive contains VxD drivers while 185xw98.zip contains WDM drivers. You …

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