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Re: Socket 7 - Intel Ultimate

Great build, except for that Voodoo 1, which is a severe bottleneck for the Tillamook, even more so when overclocked. :) I would save the Voodoo 1 for a Pentium MMX 166 build or something like that, and go with a Voodoo 2 (or even a Voodoo 3) for this one. It might be a bottleneck even for an MMX …

Re: Old games that had CD Audio tracks?

in DOS
StoneKeep I think those two tracks are meant as a bonus. They are not used during gameplay as Stonekeep uses FM Synth / General MIDI for its music. On topic, I think a clearer distinction needs to be made between the following: 1) This game uses CD audio tracks for music during gameplay 2) This …

Re: 8k

I'm getting tired of this push for ever higher resolutions. What's the benefit of 8k vs. 4K at a normal viewing distance in terms of gaming? What do you actually get from that resolution other than significantly lower frame rates? I can see how someone who actually works on an 8k monitor might …

Re: Allure of retro computing

For me, it's about building a machine that I wanted but couldn't afford back in the day. Top of the line components, almost fully maxed out for its time. And then using it to play games from that time period at the best possible settings.

Re: Leak of Windows 11

Windows 7 isn't much better in the privacy department. Any telemetry Microsoft wants will have been backported to Windows 7 via updates. If you don't have any updates, well that's a privacy nightmare as your privacy can be entirely compromised by visiting the wrong web page. Well, a fully up to …

Re: Leak of Windows 11

I really don't understand people who avoid going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 over UI differences. With a few minutes of work it'll be functionally identical. I don't think UI changes are the primary issue of the majority of people who refused to upgrade to Windows 10. For me, it was mostly privacy …

Re: Leak of Windows 11

I misread this title as "Leak of Windows 3.11". On topic, I never upgraded from Windows 7, so I'll pass on this too. Doing just fine using linux for daily tasks and consoles for "modern" gaming.

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