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Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

Your spreadsheet seems to show that the SD card readers are indeed quite a lot slower than CF if I understand it correctly? The Sinitechi SD adapters max out at 25MB/s when talking to SD cards so there's a limit there, but you don't get to bring performance greater than that to bear unless you are …

Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

However, if I speedsys benchmark in DOS Transcend 4Gb 133x card - buffered read 5632KB/s, linear verify 171029KB/s, Linear read 5428KB/s Indmem 4Gb [unknown] card - buffered read 5701KB/s, linear verify 17652 KB/s, Linear read 5628 KB/s Actual IDE 5400 Hdd (ST340015ACE) - buffered read 10666KB/s, …

Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

What do people think about CF vs SD for IDE in windows 98 and 2k/xp? I have a CF adapter in my pentium 3 at the moment, but only have 4Gb cards I wanted to get 16gb cards but a 16Gb used CF 133x card is more expensive than a SD-IDE adapter and I have a load of SD cards knocking about that are 16- …

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