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Re: My Dual Socket XP Build

Yes, a Raspberry Pi with a small host-powered USB HDD is ideal for this. Those 4TB Seagate Basic drives are nice. There's no need to have a full PC running 24/7. I'm not going to lay out details but there are some people running Windows XP on Ryzen 5. I suspect we'll probably see WinXP on RPi …

Re: Does PCI-Express sound card with gameport exist?

Looks like you can at least get the Creative Labs cards gameport working in Windows 7 32-bit and possibly all the the way up to Windows 10 64-bit: https://www.freegameempire.com/blog/post/Sound-Blaster-Gameport-Driver-for-Windows-7.aspx https://forum.hardwareheaven.com/threads/gameport-driver-for- …

Re: What sound card do you use on your modern PC ?

in Milliways
Schiit-Modi-3.jpg Presonus-Eris-E35.jpg Modi 3 DAC w/ Eris 3.5 monitor is my setup. I listen an infinite loop of mod, game music, movie ost, some 70's rock, & bit of classic. I really didn't need an external DAC but for whatever reason realtek spdif output had this wonderful feature of crashing …

Re: Does PCI-Express sound card with gameport exist?

You can google "PCI-Express Soundcard CMI8738-LX" and the product link is on top of the 1st page. It seems to be a soundcard for AmigaOS, using CMI8738-LX . CMI8738.png Interestingly, CMI8738 is a PCI bus based chip with "SBPro" compatibility. I suppose the 2nd square chip sitting right next to …

Re: Is anyone excited for Big Navi?

in Milliways
I'm guessing AMD is already talking about unprecedented demand for their fantastic products rather than "we needed to seem like we have a card that matches Nvidia". I hate marketing / PR and how lying is the default for any large company communicating with their customers. Well, at least, on the …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
ATI was da best in the world up until Mach32. After that, they F-ed themselves. Voodoo series, except the very first one, is overrated. Nvidia is nothing but a copycat. Turtle Beach Multisound series is da best music card series, ever. After that, they F-ed themselves. GUS is overrated. Go Roland …

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