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Re: Old GOG games are slowly getting killed

in Windows
Awesome info! Also great to point out the DirectX Versions. I also have seen that some just don’t work as good as others for certain games. It also depends on your hardware. For example, in Might and Magic 7 my SB live 5.1 resets to 2 speakers from 5.1 speakers when I start the game with DX8 …

Re: Old GOG games are slowly getting killed

in Windows
I wouldn't expect Microsoft to care about the problem based on reports from gamers. They care if some enterprise software breaks, which might be the case if a compatibility mode is broken. For gamers it's probably best to hope for someone to create a third party solution, I think hoping gho can …

Re: Identify this Aztech card..?

Hello again! I know OLD Topic but since the above me poster is wrong and I did just solve this I will post it quick so we have as much correct info here as possible :) First Thanks much jesolo you were absolute right and YOURS is the ONLY CORRECT DRIVER for AZTECH 2316S XXXX850 Model. It is true …

Re: The 'Blue Ridge' roms

The Topic is old but since there is no other info I can now add that Blue Ridge introduces one bug that 1.07 has not ... It Crashes the MT32 when you play Wing Commander 1 and 2 at random points inside a mission when it gets stressfull. I have wrote a long text about that in the Sounds section 😀

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