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Re: Need advice on beginning soldering and "starter" equipment

in Milliways
This video is from 2011, but I think it's still good general advice. It might be overwhelming to think about everything he recommends anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_PbjbRaO2E In my case, I don't do electronics repairs on a daily basis and I'm not an expert. I spent more that 10 years …

Re: Good caps for recapping sound cards

Interesting question, I recapped my SB Pro 2 a few years ago, I got good electrolytic caps from DigiKey but not specifically designed for audio (maybe a few, I don't remember exactly). I didn't really care because sound FX and music didn't have good quality back then anyway (compression, etc), …

Re: Noise on pass-through of a Voodoo2 card

I'm having the same problem with a Voodoo 1. I tried different video cards with it, but the problem persisted (Matrox, Diamond S3). I replaced the electrolytic caps but I don't think it improved. I don't have the original passthrough cable since I bought the card on Ebay. I'm using a very good …

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