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Re: ESS Canyon

I know they supported Sensaura (a 3D audio implementation - similar to Aureal's A3D). There are threads about that here and here. There could also be some more info on their old website.

Re: 100% New to DOSBox

DOSBox's primary purpose it to run DOS games. This doesn't mean that it can't run applications too (e.g. like a database application), but rather that this is not what DOSBox was designed for, and therefore specific applications may work or may not work (see here ). DOSBox-X extends DOSBox to …

Re: EAX appreciation thread

On the gaming audio side of things, the state of it all is pretty sad in Windows 10 and 11. Hardware-accelerated audio is available again and can be used, but there is no interest in doing so from Creative Labs or RealTek. AMD and Nvidia GPUs both have powerful DSP audio hardware that can be used …

Re: PCie-to PCI, PCI to ISA, # of slots multipliers - bridges, risers, backplanes, research, especially for DOS, WIP.

sooo this popped up https://blog.adafruit.com/2023/03/22/adding-a-vintage-isa-bus-slot-to-a-modern-computer-vintagecomputing-retrocomputing-rasteri/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXr-VEpQ1lg "Adding an ISA Slot to a Modern Motherboard!" terrible ungooglable name, mentions DMA needs LDRQ "If you …

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