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Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

I only had the game on Steam (for anyone curious, the Steam version wouldn't even launch on Windows 98), so I had to download the retail version which took some time. The suspicions were confirmed: The fog is working in the retail version with the registry settings, but it doesn't in the demo. You'd …

Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

Thanks a lot for your help. I got excited for a moment because my registry WFog entry was set to "1" instead of "0", but sadly that didn't help. I tried Catalyst 4.3 and 6.2, tried the same card that you used (I also have a Radeon 9250), made sure that the registry is purged from all the ATI entries …

Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

I'm trying to get table fog enabled on my Radeon 8500 LE under Windows 98, but I'm having no luck so far. I tried drivers from 2001-2003, also followed the guide from this thread where someone had enabled it on his Radeon 8500 using Rage3D tweak, but it did nothing for me. Did I understand this …

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