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Re: VGA Capture Thread

To my eyes, these look more like over-sharpening artefacts . I presume you've already tried auto-config to no avail . Have you tried lowering the sharpness setting ? Also, If that AOC monitor displays correctly when fed through DVI or HDMI, you might want to consider an external digital like an …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Sharpness setting is something definitely worth checking out. Although as I have experienced in the past, the effect of oversharpening was much more subtle (more like a corona around objects). The effect in the picture is huge (several pixels) and the shadows are going strictly in horizontal …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

As this is thread with the most extensive knowledge about VGA quality related issues I will ask here. I have problems with what you would probably call "ringing". My setup is GeForce 4 MX440, VGA cable and monitor AOC Q3279VWFD8. As you can see I have quite big problems with white shadowing around …

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