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Re: 1997 Dream PC project

I love a good 1997 build. Those poor little machines may have had the least staying power of any. You were stuck between a Pentium 233 MMX machine with probably a Riva 128 and an AWE64 with 32 MB of RAM that might retail with all the accoutrements for $2500. Or you could go big on a Pentium II 300 …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

https://i.imgur.com/NU1NClw.png Specs: PC Chips M321 motherboard (all ISA slots) AMD 386DX-40 CPU 16mb 30-pin RAM Tseng ET4000AX 1mb video card Aztech Sound Blaster Pro 2 clone (real OPL) MS-DOS 6.22/Windows For Workgroups 3.11 3COM Etherlink ISA Network Card XT-CF lite with 2gb CF card in back …

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