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Re: Diamond Stealth se - ram upgrade won't work?

In three mailbox appeared three virge cards: one 325 and two 375 DX ones. The 375 did indeed prove not to have the correct ram: image shattered. The 325 did in fact have the correct ram and now my Stealth SE has the full 2MB :D To be more precisely: the SE has two soldered chips: NEC 424260-70 The …

Diamond Stealth se - ram upgrade won't work?

My fastest vlb system contains this hardware: Aquarius MB-4DUV, cyrix 5x86-100, Promise cache controller (VLB), 32MB ram, some VLB i/o card for com/lpt (ide and FDD are disabled in favour of the Promise). Now I have 2 graphics cards I really like; - Cirrus Logic GD5428 with 2MB - Diamond Stealth SE …

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