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Re: Audigy 2 zs problem on windows 98se

The Audigy 2 ZS driver installation also installs DirectX 9.0 as a prerequisite. Never tried it myself, but it's very possible that the Voodoo 5 driver has issues with this version of DirectX (which was released two years after 3dfx went bankrupt). What I do know, is that some time ago I tried the …

Re: Keep GeForce 4 to cards from dying

I discharged into parallel port blowing the super i/o chip on the FX chipset pentium Asus motherboard back in the day. Later on repaired the motherboard by replacing the chip. Hard way. I made a fine wire with tiny L hook tool and heat each leg slide the hook between legs and turn 90, then gently …

Re: Keep GeForce 4 to cards from dying

Or do you all handle your equipment with ESD gloves all the time and have ESD grounding and flooring in your work area? Can't speak for everyone else, but no, I don't wear gloves (I used to wear them when I was an employee in a laptop service center more than a decade ago), however in recent years …

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