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Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
These are fancy prices, they're not necessarily based on demand/supply basis, I think. Of course it is! It all boils down to supply and demand... always! If people are willing to pay that amount of money for an item (no matter what the underlying reason is), then why would sellers decrease the …

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

I talked to the owner of the 3:e unmodded 570 from the same batch and it refused 600@ 2.2V until Vcore was lowered. That is without a doubt a behavior specific to that particular chip (maybe because of the additional heat that comes with 2.2V, maybe due to other more low level quirks that it might …

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

There where 3x K6-2+ 570Mhz in the batch and one was unmodified and went to someone else and he reported 2.2V was unstable at 600Mhz but 2.0V worked fine so yea stock IHS is kind of garbage. I've modded five so far and only one of them was a dud (so I reverted it back to K6-2+). In my experience, …

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