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QEMM386 and floppy drives

Hello, since some time I observe some trouble on my 386 machine (Olivetti M380XP9) when I boot with QEMM386 active. Maybe you can give me some idea what to change on the configuration. Currently QEMM runs with the Stealth:M option, but also the Stealth:F method has the same behaviour, but QEMM can …

Re: Must have / Must see Scene Demos on a 80386-33 ?

in DOS
there is a really good list of early demos from trixter. http://www.oldskool.org/demos/explained/demo_reviews.html Thank you, this list looks really like a lot of work for me... But it does not mention which memory config is required. Unfortunatelly that particular machine needs QEMM to load …

Which Soudtracker / Mod-Player to use with MS-DOS

in DOS
I have a large collection of MOD files (maybe 60 GB). Last night I tryed to play some on my 386-33 with SB-Pro, but I was not quite satisfied with the mod players I took from my backup of my last DOS-PC in the 1990's. I tryed Grind (by @Trixter, still active in vcfed.org forum, here I don't know) …

Re: Fresh Windows 95 on Olivetti Envision 400

Hello, I don't know what is the Enivita21, is that Italian envision install CD? I only have German one and I never installed by myself as it already was preinstalled on a 2 GB hard disk. By the way, the behaviour that the Envision goes to sleep mode after ac power on is normal. You can not change …

Must have / Must see Scene Demos on a 80386-33 ?

in DOS
Hello, I want to fill the harddisk of my 80386-33 with amaizing Scene demos. Which ones would you sugest? The machine has 80386-33 (in fact a Cyrix/TI 486DLC with FPU), Soundblaster Pro, 8 MB RAM and a 1 MB VGA card (Trident 8900C). An important issue is that aspi4dos/aspidisk needs to be loaded to …

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