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Re: DOSBox vs PCem vs 86Box which do you prefer?

86box is great due to the constant updates and closer community (Discord, etc.) but PCem is more practical in other ways. I can basically run any vintage game up until early 2001/late 2000 on PCem, and I use Win98's MS-DOS Mode for anything older. I haven't touched DOSBox in years as it doesn't …

Re: PCem v17

The Pentium II and Banshee implementation is awesome, but also of importance, I've noticed a performance increase from v16 to v17. On v16 my limit for a consistent 100% was with the p166, but with v17 I'm getting a consistent 100% with the p200 mmx. Which makes me think that performance was tweaked …

Re: Does PCI-Express sound card with gameport exist?

Seems like it would be simpler to use a USB-Gameport adapter. There's nothing particularly good about a CMI audio chip, and it's almost certainly not superior to the sound already integrated into a modern motherboard. I would be quite wary of this. Usually the Gameport-to-USB adapters are junk, and …

Re: Carmageddon 2 on Windows 10

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Yeah Carma2 had numerous re-releases, and even more complicated when separated by region, too. Check out the numerous files here (the Superpatch V3 is the ideal download, it combines GOG, SCI, and fan-made fixes, but I think you'll need a wrapper ofc): https://rr2000.cwaboard.co.uk/pc-files

Re: Does anyone have experience with DirectPlay on Windows 10?

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So, I couldn't fix the problem. But if anyone else is searching online and stumbles across this post, maybe some of the things I tried above will help their game instead. I analyzed the packets via Wireshark, as soon as the other PC tries to connect and the DirectPlay protocol appears ("enum …

Does anyone have experience with DirectPlay on Windows 10?

in Windows
So, I've noticed some inconsistencies with DirectPlay on Windows 10. For example, the 1997 game Outlaws, as long as you open the proper ports and both players have the same Windows OS and game exe, they connect fine. But yet, on the 1999 game Redline (the 1 I'm desperately trying to fix), connecting …

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