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Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Hoooooooly moley my mind is blown! JimWest, can't believe after buying a computer off you and discussing your surround module project, I'll see your name again behind such an awesome thing today? This is bloody fantastic! You guys are fucking legends keeping the dream alive. Shut up and take my …

Re: [How to Fix] Windows 98SE setup gets stuck

in Windows
Ok I'll bite. Welcome to Vogons - not a great start, as you posted in the wrong Forum :) "This forum is for running old windows games on NEW (supported) versions of Windows" A better choice would've been Marvin\Software. Now the error message means you probably have a NTFS partition still on the …

Re: paste in socket

damn the emotional rollecoaster was strong in this thread, between horror and good laugh! At this point you may as well desolder the socket and put a fresh one on there... That stock picture is absolutely fantastic :') you have to wonder if it's the work of a trolling black belt, I mean there's so …

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