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Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
Heh, I'm in the IT gang, and in the BMW gang as well 😀 I drive a BMW 340i xDrive touring, what a fantastic car. That inline 6 motor is a marvel.

Re: GUS Frustrations

Apparently enough people projected their inexperience to bankrupt the company. How easy was it to figure things out without internet, back when everyone didn't have a PhD in Retro? You completely missed dionb's point twice :) and he's absolutely right. Correct, it was not easy back in the days if …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
I tried to do some mapping for a few FPS, but the most I've done was also on Duke3D! Loved that editor. I didn't have a physical book, but printed the whole documentation which ended making quite a thick binder 😁

Re: Origin or Steam

in Milliways
I cant see me getting any other games in the future. Perhaps it may be worth considering that Steam may be a slippery slope, and that despite your best intentions you will in short order accumulate a backlog of hundreds of games that you will never actually play. This happened to me. I live to tell …

Re: Worst LucasArts/Sierra adventure game

in Milliways
I'm a huge fan of both so my opinion is what it is, but saying "most of LucasArts adventures are actually pretty bad" like you were some authority stating objective facts when the games have received so much praise, are loved by millions and reached a legendary status is an "interesting" take... …

Re: Windows XP + High refresh rate LCD issues

You probably won't find a decent 144Hz monitor with DVI input. Early high framerate monitors were pretty poor and by the time they improved DVI was replaced with DisplayPort. So assuming your card can actually output 144Hz you would need an active DVI to DisplayPort adapter to use it with a newly …

Re: Roland CM-32p and MT-32 advantages?

Yeah, I have heard tales of Japanese games supporting these but they are probably not my thing. I did watch a Philscomputerlab video where he has a CM-64 which is mt-32 and cm-32p in the same case. They get the extra 33 sounds available. I was hoping someone would tell me yes so I didn't feel so …

Re: Roland CM-32p and MT-32 advantages?

Unfortunately the CM-32P basically has no use for gaming except a few japanese computers and games, so it's extremely, extremely niche. Even pairing it with a CM-32L (btw the CM-64 is a CM-32L + CM-32P in a single box), not only you will gain nothing out of the 32P as about no game make use of it, …

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