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Re: Mini ISA ROM Card

Sphere478 wrote on 2023-11-25, 04:41: Having dual rom, that had xt-ide and memtest would be cool also. Dual rom cards are availabe, as open source DIY or can be bought from Monotech: * https://github.com/monotech/ISA-DoubleROM * https://monotech.fwscart.com/product/doublero … le-rom-isa-card

Re: Guillemot Maxi Studio Isis DOS support

Alright I got the basics going, here is a sample of the card working o Real DOS mode with decent levels and less noise: https://voca.ro/12xVGThPOwql Great work! I've been following this thread with interest. I also have a boxed Maxi Studio ISIS in storage. Maybe I will soon have to get that card …

Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Hi there! I was playing a bit of Monkey Island "Ultimate Talkie" and i was running into crashes everytime i tried opening a door on the game. Being completely puzzled, and thinking it could be an oddity of my setup, i removed the GoldLib card, because i simply never had any issues with this game …

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