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Re: WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board

I'm having hard time deciding to what retro system I'm going to leave it. Since there was three XG midi soundfonts listed here , I decided to try them all with Final Fantasy 7. Here are some recordings from FF7 configurator. I didn't adjust any reverb or chorus so defaults are used. I included …

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
I've made a list I've shared with my wife and brother as I have a lot of money sitting in these boxes, explain what to do should anything happen to me. The S478 for example would be lucky to sell for £100. it's GF6800 Ultra alone could probably sell for the same price. That's generous. I will …

Re: soundblaster audigy

I hope that works out for you, but unfortunately, I also read that in circuit programming of the EEPROM on Live and Audigy cards did not work (desoldering required). I have only ever tried it myself on X-FI card (for modding, not repair) and was never even able to read the EEPROM on several …

Re: Upgrading semi modern pc ssd

in Milliways
If you want to go for future proof, you could buy an m2 nvme drive and a pcie adapter. Personally, I would not buy anything below 2TB. For gaming, the performance difference vs. a SATA SSD should be negligible.

Re: soundblaster audigy

It is much better to get a new RX, if the prices are reasonable. It is essentially an Audigy 4, feature wise, with driver support down to XP. EAX 5 does not appear to be relevant.

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