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Re: The Saddest Steam Build 2021

Well, there are plenty of industrial P4 boards now, even if most of them are effectively new, so don't know whether that qualifies. But most have at least one ISA. Whether they would boot with VGA in the slot - no idea, haven't tested. If not, there are some "fancy" PCI cards out there... like …

Re: Dell Dimension 466i Restoration/Build

I wouldn't be so sure about the BIOSes. There is a chance the board would be similar to something else out there, but almost all the Dells I've worked with had their own custom mobos, and almost all (if not all) had Phoenix BIOS. Which pretty much means no luck modding it. Granted, I don't have as …

Re: Asus P2B-DS Build

I've actually reused the case also, it now houses a HTPC (I use that term loosely, it is powerful enough to run Steam to stream Cyberpunk from Sorceress across 100km from another town via a VPN :), and the blue lighting is just icing on the cake. Works well that the mobo has blue accents, and the …

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