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Re: HardMPU, anyone?

Good work! But 4 second is very long time in hardware? Do you mean millisecond? Cheers, Thank you! Could be my bad. Not long for a timeout. If you think about it: the code expects the right event before this timeout ever happens. For example a default tcp connection keepalive timeout is 7200sec ( …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

My case is closed, finally it works! TL;DR :) Didn't want to bring home the scope from the office so I've used the DOS utility's source code to understand what was happening. The 'wait_for_ack' function simply gets the current timestamp using the C time library and checks for 0xFE to be shifted in …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

Hi I've also designed a 2 layer PCB and built one. It works fine in gsplay, Doom and Monkey Island. Unfortunately the config utility doesn't work . It quits after an ACK timeout. I traced it back to the same waiting for *DRR signal problem as Muren. I'm not using any CMOS type gates, just the …

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