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Re: Best windows xp based memory testing program?

in Windows
Windows XP has no good ones, for Windows 7 (And maybe Vista) you would have the built in memory tester in windows which reboots the PC and does it properly. The best thing you can do for your Windows XP machine is burn a CD (or USB stick) with Memtest86+ which you can download from here : http:// …

Re: HP T5710 windows 98 build

I don't understand why the thin client would reject it in both methods, so ill just post some general steps i'd take that work for me fine with my kingston USB stick. The easiest method that works for me is the reformat on whole device option which unlocks if you run the tool as administrator. This …

Re: HP T5710 windows 98 build

Updated the link, its been changed a lot since i last posted that with much better tools and tweaks. In case i dropped the mentioned gdisk command the following command should do the partitioning : fdisk 2 /clearall /auto If what you want is just a pure dos build run SETUP C: D: without adding the …

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