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Re: Michelangelo virus

in Milliways
Ah, Michelangelo virus! Who would've thought I'd feel nostalgia for a virus! I have about three DOS viruses trapped somewhere in my old backups. I wanted to collect them before they were no more. It's interesting to study them. If anybody is interested, I can take the time to find them and share …

Re: Looking for a particular NES game

in Milliways
Ah! It's definitely WanWan Panic! Thank you! The thing is Famicom arrived in my country much later than in Asia and North America, so by that time, cartridges with 4 and with 64 games were already very common, so most people wouldn't buy individual game cartridges (more expensive and only one game). …

How to stupidly fry your almost irreplaceable AWE64

Here goes a story. It is remotely possible that one of you can give me a hint and help, but most likely, it's not possible. Still, maybe this could be a good example of what not to do when you're curious on how things work. I discovered sound table music rather late. I had a SBPro clone until …

Looking for a particular NES game

in Milliways
Hello! I'm Lucas and this is my first post here ever. I have visited Vogons many times in the past, with the old design and all, but I had never before signed up. Call me shy, ha, ha. Anyway... nice to be here! I'm not really sure if my post is the type for this forum section, but I read carefully …

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