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Re: [SOLVED] C&C more than 4 LAN Players & DOS/Win9x ?

in DOS
I got it working with Nyerguds Special Options tool! :) However the tool needs Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to run (that is not obviously possible on win95) so I did the following: 1.) Copied the game installation folder from win95 machine to win10 machine 2.) Run the Special option tool on Win10 …

Doom I/II - More than 4 Lan players?

in DOS
Hi, I have been browsing through the net that is there a way how to get more than four players through IPX in Doom or Doom2 but havent found a solution yet, so I decided to ask also here. Any solutions to increase the multiplayer amount?

Re: Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX problem

in Windows
UPDATE! I GOT IT WORKING :) So here are the instructions for future generations :) (Win95 environment) 1. Install the game from burned CD (do not install from mounted ISO as the install will be incomplete), I downloaded the ISO from [website removed] 2. Install Daemon Tools 3.47 (Last version for 9X …

Re: Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX gaming

in Windows
Here is a picture of the setup, five identical computers (233MMX,Trio64V+,Voodoo1, 128mb,30gb,Win95OSR2.5). Much of various IPX games on the party list, but one of the most important is missing = Wipeout 2097! 🙁 Filename 07925165-B083-45CA-925D-499078BF8515.jpeg File size 1.29 MiB Views 214 views

[SOLVED] Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX problem

in Windows
Hi everyone, I am desperate to get the Wipeout XL/2097 network IPX patch to work. I have tried both the RIP version and ISO version (burnt on cd or mounted) + the network patch, the game starts to lobby but when I try to host an IPX game it asks for the CD. No help even the CD is in the tray, I have …

1996-1998 Glide /D3D IPX multiplayer games listing?

Hi, I have seen several Glide listing on the web including Vogons <3 however my retro computing is focused on throwing some LAN partys for my friends and would be interested to find more IPX games from 1996-1998 era that supports glide and why not also D3D. I have 5pcs of 233MMX+Voodoo1 setups ( …

Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

So to conclude SSD is best choise because of carbage collection feature? However one additional question came to my mind, I’ve read that SSD’s are poor for long term storage, sometimes my computers are stored for a good while, so just wondering could a long time in storage and up in loosing the data …

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