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Re: Asus Drivers ( Geforce 2 GTS "v7700" )

Right, if i search for a driver in this folder it will not find a compatible driver. if i run the setup file it says something like success (after 2 seconds) and will restart my computer. Well, at least the driver auron posted did work. But im curious why so many drivers i tryd couldn't find my …

Re: Asus Drivers ( Geforce 2 GTS "v7700" )

Hello Guys, i think i'm in the same situation. I got my hands on a Geforce 2 GTS (ASUS V-7700) and i cant seem to find any driver that is working out of the box with Windows 98 SE. is someone here willing to share his working driver / installation disc? Thanks in advance. Regards, Xearo

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