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CGA intensity

Hi. In cga pinout there are 4 color pins, R G B I. Does the intensity bit make existing color brighter or mixes it with white? For example: rgbi=1001 Is this seen as a brighter red or a mix of red+white on screen? Thanks n advance.

Re: DosBox and CGA

Rob, yes, I set machine=cga. F12 works for me with one of the executables on r3804 commit page. But not on plain 0.74-3. Can you please check 0.74-3 and verify that it works? I would prefer to use a stable mainstream version rather than pick one of many other builds.

DosBox and CGA

Hi. Few questions about dosbox and cga after reading this: https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Configuration:DOSBox 1. when setting machine to cga, does it emulate cga as it would look on rgbi monitor or composite monitor? Is there a way to fix the output to only one? 2. when machine is set to cga, scaler …

Re: EGA planar plot pixel

Hello, you need to read from that memory location first in order to fill the latch registers. A zero in the bit mask register means that the associated bit of the latch registers will be written back to that memory location. If you got zero in the latches, then zero is what will be written. That …

EGA planar plot pixel

Hi, I am experimenting with the following code in pascal to plot pixels in 640x350 16color mode ****************************** setgmode; port[$3C4]:=2; port[$3C5]:=15; {select all planes, white pixel will be plotted} port[$3CE]:=8; port[$3CF]:=128; { plotting 0-th pixel, upper left corner, mask …

Re: dosbox overscan

Currently I am using opengl and fullresolution=960x600 and scaler=normal3x (my gpu set to center the image) sharp for games, but not fullscreen neither sharp nor fullscreen for text Sometimes I also use windowed at 1280x800 sharp and fullscreen-ish for both, games and text, but due to the border …

dosbox overscan

Hi. Is it hard to make an option for dosbox to make it scan 4% less than it normally should, so people with 768lines lcd can enjoy pixel-perfect scaling at fullscreen? For example: text mode 400lines, will become 384lines and fit perfectly on 768line screen by doubling, And, 200lines game, will …

Re: ISA card VG-8000 driver

Thanks PC Hoarder Patrol ! Unfortunately that driver also did not provide 320x240 16bit-color mode. Is there any WD90C31 driver that can provide 320x240 16bit-color mode for games? Has anyone seen such mode with WD90C31?

Re: ISA card VG-8000 driver

Thanks keropi, but I can't find that either, and what I really want is the original driver anyway. Actually what I really need is driver that would give me 320x240 16bit for games mode on win9x. Both win95 and win98 provide driver for this card, but minimum resolution is 640x480 16bit mode, which is …

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