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Serious Sam TFE bots or spawn monsters?

in Milliways
Hi. In original Serious Sam The first encounter, multiplayer map: If there is no one to play with, is it possible to add bots? Or at least spawn enemies/monsters using console command or some other way? Anything is better that an empty map.

Covox and win98se

Hello. There are drivers around for covox on windows98se. I wanted to know, has anyone tried covox in windows98se for games, say quake3. Do these drivers really work and how much performance hit will one get? Can one use covox on win98se and play quake3 on pentium2 at 400mhz for example? (say at …

Usb as a floppy

I have this thin client with non standard 64mb flash drive. I want to install ms-dos on it using usb and be able to boot flash hdd. Using rufus doesnt work because usb is seen as drive1 and flash hdd seen as drive2, so I cant set flash hdd active in fdisk. Using unetbootin also did not work. …

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