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Re: Dosbox-X 3dfx not working & Keyboard Issue

@Rob thanks for this, it worked with SDL2, usescancodes=true in SDL1 don´t work. @Wengier i have copied Openglide to Game Folder than i get this error starting the game(s) glide.dll:Warning, using default LFB address: 0x60000000! using 92 texturepages! If Glide2x.ovl is present at Dosbox-X directory …

Dosbox-X 3dfx not working & Keyboard Issue

Hi, i have switched from SVN Daum to Dosbox-X newest Build 0.83.12 SDL1 for Windows. The Problem i have here is that 3dfx Emulation not working. In Dosbox.conf i turned glide = true But the Game says unable to load dll If i copy glide2x.ovl to the game directory i get a warning LFB not uses standard …

Re: Silver Infogrames Patch for German Version ?

in Windows
Thanks for both Patches. The US Patch crashes loading Silver menu´s The UK Patch seems to work, but i don´t see some Version Info Ingame. There are some Problems with Voodoo3 and Voodoo Banshee (i use PCEM) i test around Graphic Cards.

Silver Infogrames Patch for German Version ?

in Windows
Hi, i have Silver from Infogrames in the German Version 1.0 I search for a patch called Geforce Patch 2.0 for this German Version to get it running on Geforce Cards. Or a working Patch for this German Version. The US Patch 1.09G won´t work with German Versions. Please no GOG, i know theres a Version …

Re: Problems install Win95/98 in Dosbox SVN

That´s only for testing, I have the original German Win98 Version at home. English Version don´t work... so i´ve deleted it. I got a Problem with identify Plug&Play Bios at Windows installation with Dosbox-X, there it freezes. Running Windows Setup in Verbose Mode /p g=3

Problems install Win95/98 in Dosbox SVN

Hi, i have Problems installing Win95 or 98 in latest DOSBOX SVN. I have read this both Guide form here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=26973 https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=17324 My Modifications in dosbox.conf memsize=128 core=full cputype=pentium mididevice=mt32 midiconfig=1 That´s …

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