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Re: Master of Orion2

dnewhous wrote on 2021-04-14, 16:35: With DosBox -X "Bad command or filename - 'WIN'" when I try to run setup.exe. If setup.exe is a 16 bit executable, try to run it using OTVDM

Re: Menu music doesn't change in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

The problem has been detected: DxWnd has a 80 character path limit and it won't look for music in any path beyond this limit. The fix is to use a path below characters, my path worked at 77 characters(probably because the inverted commas to denote the path took 2 more characters and 1 more is taken …

Re: List of Currently Free Games

jmarsh wrote on 2021-04-02, 00:55: Since when is OpenTTD not free? Isn't this thread for games that are currently free, implying that they are not always? I believe OpenTTD earlier required you to own TTD as mentioned here

Re: Test Drive 5 Update Patch Error (Windows 10 b2004)

As it happens, just tried to get this one to run on Windows 10 to no avail (In both D3D/VooDoo modes, that is.). Even Worse: The only update patch available throws a weird error prompt indicating a possible file mismatch as illustrated. TD5UpdateError.jpg BTW I've tried this on my current rig. ( …

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