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No image after reset (Tseng Labs ET4000AX)

Hello, i have this card with weird behaviour: card runs without problems in DOS or Windows, but after computer reset (from keyboard or reset button), my CRT monitor show me error message "Sync out of range" and image from PC never appear, but PC normally continue booting without image. I must power …

Re: BIOS needed for Octek VL-COMBO

There are dumps from my card-Revision 2.1 - Promise BIOS is not on C800 address, but on D800 and it's size is 8k, according to what I found with Microsoft Diagnostics program from DOS 6.22. It's also included in ZIP archive. Also found something interesting - Catalog of Octek products with …

Re: BIOS needed for Octek VL-COMBO

weedeewee wrote on 2021-12-13, 16:01: Promise rom bios is likely to be in same eprom as vga bios. vga bios gets accessed at C0000 promise bios at C8000. in eprom that would be first 32k for vga bios and second 32k for promise. hasat, could you dump the rom and attach it ? What software should I use …

Re: BIOS needed for Octek VL-COMBO

Probably no, HDD detection and configuration is still through motherboard BIOS. But Promise chip must have it's own "BIOS" stored somewhere, but on card is only one ROM for VGA. Maybe in Promise chip itself, datasheet would be very helpful, but it's unobtainable (or I didn't find it).

Re: BIOS needed for Octek VL-COMBO

Nice, currently also working with this card, but older revision 2.1. It took me a long time to find jumper setting and i must combine settings for two similar card from Octek to find at least basic jumper setting (enable/disable ports). Also IDE port is a little weird: after each restart i must set …

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