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Re: Adventures in rebuilding a BIOS for the Sprint P5N-DP V3 (rare dual socket 5 board)

Wow this is pretty amazing! I'm surprised that it is an Award BIOS and not AMI like mine originally was. What chip does yours use for the SIO? Filename board.jpeg File size 109.39 KiB Views 390 views Is it S82378 or S82379 ? It would be great if you could post some high quality images of the board, …

Re: Socket 3 Tweaker

Catsay touts himself as a infallible force and him and a few others continually discourage me from even trying all the time on discord. I do not, but you keep blaming others, and then coming right back to that discord asking for basic input and then again dismissing the details. Yet on several …

Re: Socket 3 Tweaker

I don’t have any socket 3 hardware to test this on, and am kinda new to pcb design but I’m willing to try and help if I can. Can you guys describe in detail tweaks and mods that can be done to this socket and make some diagrams and schematics of what is needed? Anyone able to confirm this pin …

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